What are the main causes of a household fire?

Was sind die Hauptursachen für einen Brand im Haushalt?

The main causes of household fires are primarily attributed to both technical issues and human behavior. When there is no technical malfunction, most damages result from human carelessness and negligence..

  • In Germany, one out of every three fires is caused by electricity.
  • One out of every six fires originates from human error.

Many people are unaware that numerous everyday objects they use without a second thought can also pose hazards. The kitchen, as we have often emphasized, is the room in the house with the highest fire risk. However, while the stove is one of the primary culprits, it's not solely responsible for all incidents. There are many other fire risks to consider. We have compiled the most essential information on home fire safety in a brochure for you.

You can download this brochure here.

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