HORSE FOX – Transport and Stable Blankets

HORSE FOX – Transport and Stable Blankets

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The first fireproof horse blanket
As a horse owner, reoccurring headlines of stables burning down and horses lost in the fire can leave you worried and keep you up at night wondering about the best way to protect your horse from such a tragedy.

To ease your mind we created HORSE FOX, the first horse blanket made of fireproof material. Just like our fire-resistant ASK THE FOX cozy lifestyle fire blankets, it is made of 100% PyroTex® - the innovative high-tech fiber that neither burns, melts, drips nor emits toxic gases when in contact with fire.

HORSE FOX offers an all-around protection with its fire-resistant, antibacterial as well as antifungal properties while still being very soft.
The blanket can additionally be used by itself to put out small fires.
Cozy warmth and safety don't have to contradict each other - not even for your horse.

Technical data:
Material: 100% PyroTex®
Does not burn, melt or drip and does not emit toxic gases
Cut: Classic Cut with overlapping chest closure
Size: from 85 to 165 cm
Color: grey
Weight: 650 g
Made in Germany