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We offer a safety solution unlike any other in the world! Check out our Lifestyle-Fireblanket below!

Choose ASK THE FOX Lifestyle-Fireblankets

ASK THE FOX is looking to build a long-term relationship with you to create prevention and awareness and thus a lasting safety advantage for you. Our core competence is to provide professional, reliable and affordable fire blankets for virtually every aspect of your daily life. We are happy to exceed your expectations regarding Lifestyle Fireblankets by supplying unparalleled and world-class technology in fire protection, as well as exemplary services and fair pricing. Our product is made of the unique hightech fiber PyroTex©. Our highly experienced textile engineers know this fiber inside out and have the necessary knowledge, certifications and experience to assist you with any question you may have. Climate change is happening - let's be prepared together!

We CARE about YOUR safety!

Because we care about your safety, we have much more in mind than simply selling you a fire blanket. We want to get to know you on a professional and personal level in order to form a long-term relationship around an exceptional product.

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Our integrity – YOUR peace of Mind

Our name represents our intention of our brand. We want to provide you with answers. Even beyond our product. – If have a question, don’t hesitate to reach out! The fox is our heraldic animal, our symbol for cleverness when dealing with fire. Equally important are our core values such as business integrity and trust – specifically your trust in us. Along with the quality of our product, these values are the cornerstones on which we build our business and in what we trust to continue to be successful.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% satisfaction is our goal. With our services and fire protection solutions, we want to ensure that you and your family go through life feeling protected and safe in your home. Just like many people did before you.

Lots of Skills and Experience

Our team is comprised from a wide variety of backgrounds. From textile engineers and firefighters to product developers and designers. Everyone contributes their technical and professional expertise to provide targeted and successful support when solving your safety problem.

We live service

Our exceptional and fast shipping is based on continuous analysis of all processes resulting in a return rate of below 0.01%. We see this as a direct reflection of our customers understanding the product and knowing why it is the way it is - technologically and visually.

Committed to QUALITY

We belief that the best solutions should be accessible to everyone even to people with a tighter budget, we work with leading manufacturers and solution providers in Germany.

Friendly people on the phone

We don’t believe in providing explanations and using terminology you may not understand. That’s why our experts are friendly, approachable and communicate on a level playing field with anyone who has a question.

No Competition!

Have you ever had the pleasure of holding a fire extinguisher in your hand?
In a survey that we conducted 94 out of 100 people did not know how to operate one. A clear advantage for the ASK THE FOX fire blanket: It is ready and easy to use in no time! On top of that, it saves you from the toxic foam emitted. But we don't want to talk down the good old fire extinguisher too much either: Why not be twice as protected?

Choosing ASK THE FOX Lifestyle-Fireblankets can provide several benefits and advantages

Here are a few arguments as to why choosing a Lifestyle-Fireblanket from ASK THE FOX is a good idea:

  • Expertise and Knowledge:
    ASK THE FOX is known for its expertise and knowledge in the field of fire safety. The company specializes in fire blankets and has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality and high-functioning fire protection products.

  • Quality and Reliability:
    ASK THE FOX is committed to deliver state of the art products. Our fire blankets are comprised of the premium high-tech material PyroTex© which is tested and approved to fire safety standards. By choosing our fire blankets, you can have full confidence in the reliability and effectiveness extinguishing small fires.

  • Versatility:
    Lifestyle-Fireblankets from ASK THE FOX are versatile and can be used in various settings. They are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, including kitchens, laboratories, workshops, and more. The fire blankets are designed to smother small fires by cutting off the oxygen supply and preventing the spread of flames.

  • Ease of Use:
    ASK THE FOX Lifestyle-Fireblankets are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. In case of a fire emergency, you can quickly grab the fire blanket, follow the instructions provided, and use it to extinguish small fires effectively. Our products are designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that anyone can use them without training.

  • Compact and Space-Saving:
    Lifestyle-Fireblankets from ASK THE FOX do not require much storage space. This makes them convenient to keep in various locations, such as kitchen cabinets, vehicles, or near fire-prone areas. The size also allows for easy deployment and swift action in case of emergencies.

  • Cost-Effective Solution:
    Investing in Lifestyle Fireblankets can be a cost-effective measure for fire safety. ASK THE FOX Lifestyle Fireblankets offer a reasonably priced solution that can provide additional protection and peace of mind without breaking the bank. Fire blankets can be a valuable addition to your fire safety measures, complementing other fire suppression systems or acting as a standalone solution for small fires.

It's important to note that when it comes to fire safety, it's always recommended to follow your local regulations and guidelines. Consulting with fire safety professionals and considering their recommendations can help you make informed decisions regarding fire safety equipment, including fire blankets.

Everyday Heroes

Not all heroes wear capes. Actually, most heroic deeds are performed by ordinary people. It's not about having superpowers but about being prepared and knowing what to do in case of an emergency. That's why our mission is simple and clear: we want to give you the tools you need to be safe, protected and prepared no matter what, so that you always have what it takes to be your family's hero!

Developed in the Germany

ASK THE FOX was founded 2019 in Germany. Like most small businesses, it started with a problem and a passion.

The problem? The never-ending wildfires, for example in California, and the fact that most people are not trained to deal with fire emergencies.

The passion? Thanks to the high-tech fiber PyroTex©, we had the unique opportunity to develop a completely new and innovative product to make your everyday lives safer.

Even though we have grown in size, we are still driven by the same passion. We want to deliver outstanding quality and unbeatable standards, complemented by knowledgeable information on the subject of fire and fire prevention, as well as commitment and problem-solving expertise.

Developed with Safety Experts

In order to develop the most innovative and effective safety products on the market, we work closely with PyroTex Industries, but also with fire departments, paramedics and police officers. All of these professionals have years of experience dealing with fires and its consequences. They know what does works - and what doesn't. All these different experiences have been incorporated while developing our products and are the result of what our customers value so highly today: Reliable protectors and lifesavers in the face of fire while being easy to use and fairly priced.

You can be rest assured, because you are prepared for anything

We want to do more than just sell products. It is important to us that with every blanket you acquire, you gain certainty of being optimally prepared. If you have everything you need to appropriately respond to an emergency, you'll probably feel at ease too. And this feeling of security is priceless.

Education and Prevention Is Key

From adult fire blankets to teen and baby blankets, we help you building your custom safety equipment and help you understanding the principles of prevention - so ideally you'll never have to use it.

Stay up to date with the most important information

Check out our blog for the latest news and updates on how to stay safe, secure and prepared for fire emergencies. In addition, our social media channels give you the opportunity to continuously catch up on tips, new products and exclusive offers, as well as a behind-the-scenes material to enjoy ASK THE FOX.