How Does a Fireproof Blanket Work and What Makes It Effective?

An ASK THE FOX Lifestyle Fire Blanket is a flame-resistant blanket made from the advanced PyroTex® fiber. It can be used either to extinguish a small fire or to provide protective wrapping for a person. It operates by interrupting the oxygen supply to the fire (oxygen being one of the three elements necessary for combustion) and smothering the flames.


Knowing how to properly use a fire blanket is crucial if you encounter a fire at your workplace, in the great outdoors, or at home.

  1. First and foremost, shut off the gas or electricity supply.
  2. Take the fire blanket and hold it by its fabric edges.
  3. To avoid burns on your hands and arms, wrap the upper edges of the blanket around your hands for protection.
  4. Roll up your sleeves to prevent them from catching fire.
  5. Gently cover the flames with the fire blanket. Make sure to encompass the entire area to effectively cut off the air supply and extinguish the fire.
  6. If the fire is larger than the blanket can cover, do not attempt to extinguish it. Leave the area and immediately call the fire department.
  7. Do not touch the fire blanket or anything beneath it until at least 15 minutes after the fire has been put out.
  8. The fire blanket can also be used while escaping from a burning building. Wrap it around yourself to provide additional protection if flames block your path.


Ensure everyone knows where the fire blanket is stored. Equally important is that everyone is familiar with how to use the blanket during a fire emergency. Ideally, the blanket should be readily available on the sofa.