Safely through the Christmas Season - 12 Tips for Handling Advent Arrangements and Christmas Trees

Sicher durch die Weihnachtszeit - 12 Tipps im Umgang mit Adventsgestecken und Weihnachtsbäumen

With the start of the advent season, we get comfortable and let the aroma of coffee and freshly baked cookies fill the air.

As we look at the burning candles on The Advent arrangement, we are immediately filled with a festive joy.

But beware: Pine greenery ignites like tinder, especially after a few days when the arrangements have dried out.

ASK THE FOX provides 12 tips for handling Advent arrangements and Christmas trees to ensure that the Christmas season remains to be a time filled with joy and personal and property damages are avoided:

  1. Keep escape routes such as windows, doors, hallways, and stairs clear
  2. Never leave burning candles unattended.
  3. Avoid using flammable candle holders.
  4. Ensure sufficient distance from all flammable materials, such as curtains and drapes. Avoid drafts.
  5. Set up arrangements and Christmas trees firmly and securely.
  6. Only use non-flammable tree decorations.
  7. Use safety candles. The wick that ends in front of the candle base extinguishes the flame.
  8. Store matches and lighters in a safe place.
  9. In households with children and pets, electric candles are recommended. They should comply with VDE regulations.
  10. Do not overload electrical sockets with Christmas lights. And Ideally, don't leave electrical light chains on in your absence.
  11. Sparklers do not belong in Advent arrangements or Christmas trees.
  12. Be prepared: Keep a fire blanket, a fire extinguisher, or a bucket filled with water within reach in case of a fire.

In case of a fire, immediately call the fire department’s emergency hotline number. Stay calm, leave the room with the fire, and close the door. Instruct the fire brigade and have the keys to your apartment ready.