Fire Safety Education


Why is fire safety education important? Fire still holds a fascination for children. However, especially in today's age of virtual media, real experiential opportunities and firsthand experiences are diminishing. Those who cannot draw from real-life experiences may misjudge situations and risks. Therefore, it is crucial for children to learn to assess the dangers of fire correctly. Contact with the topic of fire is necessary for children to gain both sufficient confidence and appropriate respect when dealing with fire. This helps prevent clandestine playing with fire. When implementing all fire safety education measures, the age, behavior, and development of the children should be considered.

How can parents support their children?

  • Take the time to let your child demonstrate what they've learned.
  • To ensure that your child can seek help in case of an emergency, they should be familiar with the emergency number 112 and know how to use it.
  • Practice an emergency response schema: WHERE is the fire? (Address) WHAT has happened? (Incident) WHO is calling? (Name)
  • WAIT for any questions from the fire department!

During the course of fire safety education, children initially experience the fascination and diversity of fire with all their senses and through various media. Small fire and extinguishing experiments aim to stimulate their curiosity and sense of exploration while also fostering necessary awareness of dangers.