The 4 Most Important Items for a Safe Kitchen

Die 4 wichtigsten Artikel für eine sichere Küche

Kitchen fires damage properties and endanger lives. According to IFS reports, they are also one of the most common causes of house fires.

Therefore, it's essential to be aware of various types of fires to take appropriate preventive measures.

In this post, we present the most important fire safety items for your kitchen.

4 Essential Items to Make Your Kitchen Safer

By having these selected items on hand, you're already making significant progress in kitchen safety!

Fire Blanket

A Fire Blanket is a simple yet effective way to extinguish fires, especially useful for kitchen grease fires that cannot be extinguished with water.

The Lifestyle Fire Blanket by ASK THE FOX is more than just that; it's a fast-acting, easy-to-use blanket that can extinguish a fire in seconds. It can also serve as a cozy warmth provider for your kitchen bench - readily accessible in case of an emergency! Simply toss the blanket over the fire to prevent your kitchen from turning into a large, hot mess.

Fire-resistant Gloves

Many households use oven mitts to put out small fires. However, oven mitts only protect against heat, not flames. For protection against heat, fire-resistant gloves are very useful. They can withstand extreme heat (up to 1,472°F) and even allow you to handle hot coals or fend off a sharp knife without feeling anything.

Smoke Mask

A smoke or fire protection mask is made of plastic-coated textile fibers, making it both sturdy and highly flexible. It meets the most crucial criterion: it must be ready to use within seconds when it comes to protecting your airways. Every second counts.

Sprinkler Systems

A sprinkler system significantly reduces heat, flames, and smoke. When installed and maintained correctly, it can save lives. Moreover, it automatically activates after a kitchen fire. 

A fire safety kit protects your loved ones from harm and can save lives. An integral part of any sensible preparedness plan is the Lifestyle-Fire Blanketby ASK THE FOX!