Intelligent Fire Protection is Environmental Protection

Intelligenter Brandschutz ist Umweltschutz

Devastating fires often result not only in material losses but also in significant damage to nature and the environment. The damage occurs due to the fire itself but also through fire residues, smoke gases, soot particles, and other potentially toxic substances. Moreover, the use of non-destructive fire-extinguishing agents can lead to consequential damages. For instance, toxic fire-fighting water can cause harm and environmental disruption.

It's clear: A society that values sustainability must protect its natural resources and enhance its ecological awareness. Consequently, environmental considerations must be an integral part of the development of fire protection solutions, whether in personal or business settings. Holistic solutions are needed, which aim to protect not only people and property but also the environment and climate in the long term.

Innovative Technologies for Comprehensive and Sustainable Fire Protection

Fires, in addition to their destructive potential, can also significantly impact the ecological balance. Carbon monoxide emissions, for example, contribute to the environmentally harmful formation of ground-level ozone. Ammonia and sulfur dioxide worsen air quality and cause acidification of entire ecosystems.

The decision to use a fire protection blanket primarily revolves around personal safety. However, what is often overlooked is that the costs to restore a damaged ecosystem are much higher than those for effective fire prevention.

An innovative type of fire protection blanket is based on the high-tech fiber PyroTex. It can effectively extinguish incipient fires and stands out from traditional glass fiber fire protection blankets due to its tactile qualities. This dual-purpose aspect makes it both a fire protection tool and a cozy blanket. Utilized at the right time, such a blanket can be an extremely effective means to minimize damages caused by fire to people, property, and the environment. This is often referred to as "fire prevention solutions."

Today, environmentally friendly extinguishing agents are mainly used in firefighting. Gaseous extinguishing agent nitrogen (N2) is one such example. It extinguishes fires specifically without damaging the protected area or the items within it. The N2 used in fire protection systems does not contribute to global warming since it's derived directly from the surrounding air and returned to the environment during the extinguishing process. Natural gases like argon are also used. These inert gases are ecologically harmless.

The aforementioned fire protection blankets are also ecologically sensible. They are durable, have no maintenance costs, and contribute to resource protection when used promptly.

Innovative and Sustainable: Fire Protection Blankets with Cozy Appeal

Climate and environmental protection have been central to our company's mission since its inception. We've always aimed to reduce energy consumption through efficient supply chains. Resource efficiency continues to drive all of our production processes and innovations.

When we introduced our first fire protection blanket with cozy appeal made from the high-tech fiber PyroTex to the market in 2019, we created a new category of fire protection between the traditional fire extinguisher and the glass fiber fire protection blanket. No other company in Germany uses PyroTex the way we do. No other blanket provides both warmth and fire protection – and this unique combination makes our blanket highly effective in emergencies, as it's immediately accessible due to its cozy nature.

All of our cozy blankets meet the same safety standards, from baby blankets to pet blankets. There's no need for cumbersome adaptations for specific applications. Additionally, we guarantee the long-term use of our blankets, requiring replacement only after a fire or for hygiene reasons. This, too, contributes to environmental protection and assists our customers in achieving their personal climate goals.

"Our service to humanity: No loss due to fire! Neither for humans, animals, nor the resources of nature."

This vision guides us in our daily work and our pursuit of innovation. We value making an active contribution to climate protection with our products.

Better Environmental Protection: Preventing Fires Instead of Extinguishing Them

Every fire impacts the environment. Therefore, our goal is to minimize the risk of fire occurrence as much as possible. In 2019, we introduced our first fire protection blanket with cozy appeal made from the high-tech fiber PyroTex under the brand name ASK THE FOX. The principle: The blanket lowers oxygen concentration in the covered area. In an oxygen-reduced atmosphere, fire occurrence is largely prevented, and a full-blown fire cannot develop.

The risk of a fire event, along with its devastating consequences for humans, animals, and the environment, is drastically reduced. We call this sustainable fire protection principle "Active Fire Prevention," and it's our contribution to the sustainable protection of people, animals, property, and the environment.

Early Fire Detection: Our Formula for Sustainable Environmental Protection

Early fire detection also makes a valuable contribution to identifying fires at an early stage and preventing their further development and spread. Our fire protection blanket with cozy appeal functions as a stylish home accessory and is instantly accessible in case of a fire, facilitating quick responses. Moreover, our blankets can be seamlessly customized to the specific protection area requirements, allowing for early and accurate fire prevention.

Compared to other extinguishing systems, our cozy fire protection blankets are extremely energy-efficient. They can be modularly adapted for any application. They require no regular maintenance, have a long lifespan, and thus conserve resources while protecting nature and the environment.

Firefighting: Guaranteed Non-destructive and Residue-free

Firefighting based on the high-tech fiber PyroTex is extinguishing fires without side effects! Our fire protection blankets with cozy appeal can quickly and reliably halt incipient fires without causing damage or leaving residues on buildings, people, electrical systems, or goods. PyroTex has been successfully tested in firefighting for over a decade – globally.