Where there's smoke, there's fire - especially in one's own home

Wo geraucht wird, ist schnell Feuer – vor allem in den eigenen vier Wänden

Smoking is not good for your health; every child knows that. Adults are aware of it as well but are often trapped in their addiction and continue to smoke against their better judgment. The usual post-work cigarette is enjoyed to the fullest. And at home, or even in bed, some people don't want to part with their tobacco stick, but this should not be underestimated as a source of danger.

Not only do people who smoke at home or in bed get sick more often than average from asthma, circulatory disorders, or lung cancer, even more so than regular smokers. There is also a dramatically high probability that the entire apartment will eventually go up in flames. Those who smoke at home are living relatively dangerously – and are certainly well advised to have a fire protection and fire extinguishing blanket with a cozy touch from ASK THE FOX within reach.

Smoking on the couch or in bed – better to avoid?

As comfortable as it may feel for smokers to light up a cigarette on the sofa, many now find this routine peculiar. Especially the idea of smoking in bed is an absolute no-go for most people. Like in so many aspects of life, contemporary tastes have changed. While the "cigarette afterwards" was a popular film motif for a long time, most people now likely agree that cigarettes have no place indoors in general. In cafes and restaurants, they are now taboo, and even in one's own home, most passionate smokers usually move to the balcony to satisfy their addiction. This has solid reasons: In addition to consideration for non-smoking family members, friends, or visitors, people want to avoid turning their own homes into "smoking dens." Cigarette smoke has the unfortunate property of settling in all corners, and it can take years to get rid of it for good.

On the other hand, everyone can, of course, do what they want in their own homes, as long as they do not unreasonably bother others. And if someone absolutely refuses to let go of their cigarette while watching TV in the evening or in bed at night, they will not be denied this. However, it is generally considered risky to smoke near fabrics or other easily flammable materials. And these materials include sofa blankets and bed covers. Sometimes, just a bit of falling ash is enough to set off a devastating domino effect – first the blanket, then the carpet and curtains, and finally the entire apartment on fire. If you are feeling drowsy or have perhaps consumed alcohol, you may no longer have a full sense of risk. The danger then is that you forget the burning cigarette in your hand and fall asleep. The consequences are often seen in the news. What's especially bitter is that the insurance will generally refuse to cover the costs if it is found that the fire was caused by negligence.

First civic duty: Reduce the fire risk

So, if you don't want to give up your beloved cigarette at home or in bed, it's better to observe some precautions. In any case, an ashtray should be available so that ash does not fall on fabric, and the cigarette can be safely extinguished in the end. If you are particularly tired and the likelihood of falling asleep is high, it's advisable to refrain from smoking. Also, you should not leave your cigarettes on the bedside table or dresser in the bedroom because this furniture is usually low enough for children to reach and invites them to experiment.

It is also recommended to have a fire protection blanket within reach. It may sound less cozy at first, but don't worry: The brand ASK THE FOX offers fire protection and fire extinguishing blankets with a cuddly and stylish factor. They not only keep you warm but are also stylish in appearance and made from a non-flammable fabric that is even suitable for extinguishing small fires. Additionally, it is designed so that cigarette smoke does not cling to it.

And, perhaps needless to say: Like every room in the apartment, the bedroom should have a functioning smoke detector that warns of danger. Because when you're asleep, you don't smell anything, but you'll definitely wake up when the alarm goes off.

The healthiest and safest option is to quit smoking

As mentioned at the beginning: Smoking is not good for your health. And not just for your own health, but also for the health of others, particularly concerning passive smoking. Accordingly, much has been tried to reduce the addictive potential of cigarettes: light versions, e-cigarettes, strategies to limit consumption... However, experts agree that there is only one truly safe method to eliminate the risks of smoking: quitting smoking altogether.

Therefore, in conclusion, here are some useful tips for those who want to quit smoking:

Try to go without a cigarette for a day. Distract yourself for a while until you realize that cigarettes are not a must. And don't always carry cigarettes with you because it only tempts you to smoke one spontaneously, which can quickly turn into two or three...

Of course, there will always be situations in which you instinctively want to reach for a cigarette. Maybe you had a fight with your partner or had a stressful day at work, and you want to calm down with a cigarette. Don't do it. Distract yourself purposefully by going outdoors and, for example, meeting friends.

Perhaps you can simply have a cup of coffee instead of smoking a cigarette? It's never good to do things out of addiction, but coffee is still better and less harmful than cigarettes. In any case, try to continue your daily life as usual while quitting smoking. And motivate yourself with the thought that you are doing yourself a favor concerning your health (not to mention the olfactory condition of your clothing and your home).

Above all, be proud of yourself when you eventually succeed and can claim to be a non-smoker. You will have proven to yourself that you can set goals and achieve them independently.

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