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Looking for cozy protection? ASK THE FOX!

You can find many beautiful and cozy blankets. However, there are no beautiful and cozy blankets that can also protect you from fire. This is where we come in. We combine style and feel with effective fire protection making it a great accessory for your home, and have it immediately at hand in case of an emergency. Our ASK THE FOX fire blankets are available in all kinds of colors and applications with a big emphasis on hygiene, comfort, style and quality but most importantly making you feel safe which you cannot find with any other blanket. Look forward to a blanket that fits into your life perfectly. Indoors as well as outdoors and at the same have one worry less, the one being exposed to fire unprotected. With our cozy protector by your side, you can focus on what's important to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Welcome to a life that combines style and safety

It took a while for you to arrange your life the way you wanted it to. You have created a home in which you feel comfortable. With aesthetic living elements that mean something to you and with lots of beautiful personal accessories. There's only one thing missing: a blanket that provides additional warmth and protects everything that has become so important to you in the event of a fire. Like the cozy fireproof blankets from ASK THE FOX. We offer them in many colors and designs that will definitely meet your individual needs. Our COSY FOX, for example, is perfect for your sofa or bed, but also accompanies you just as well when traveling. With our HOODIE FOX you have the special hooded appeal for your next outdoor adventure. The best way to protect your children is with our BABY FOX and your pets with our PET FOX. And for the big animals there is HORSE FOX. For all tinkerers our DIY blanket ACTIVE FOX. Simply choose your personal favorite blanket(s) – and nothing stands in the way of the perfect symbiosis of style and safety.

Stylish companion in all situations

We don't know what you've planned for your life. But we are pleased to be able to give you a stylish companion for all situations. A classically beautiful blanket that not only warms you, but can also go through the fire with you in an emergency. Because that's what distinguishes the blankets from ASK THE FOX from a normal blanket: they are fireproof. Simply choose which companion suits you best, we offer them in many beautiful colors and designs. The COSY FOX blankets, they are perfect at home on your sofa or bed, but are also great when you travel. The HOODIE FOX has a hood - perfect for snuggling up. BABY FOX protects your baby, and PET FOX protects your pet. Protecting the bigger guys there is HORSE FOX. Our ACTIVE FOX blankets are best suited for all DIY fans. No matter where your life takes you, with a cuddly companion from ASK THE FOX you can create an island of security everywhere. And you're on the safe side - come what may!

We give you a blanket and take away a worry

Worries are usually not something you fight or eliminate with a blanket. But then there is nothing normal about our ASK THE FOX blanket. It is made out of a fireproof material, so it protects you from flames and can extinguish small fires before they spread to the surrounding area. A kind of firefighter made of fabric. Apart from that, it is also a classically beautiful blanket that feels wonderfully soft and cozy and covers a wide range of needs. As COSY FOX for your personal living area, for the garden or even on the road in the car or camper. As HOODIE FOX with an additional hood to snuggle in comfortably. As ACTIVE FOX for all handy people. And if there are a few more whose well-being is close to your heart, also as BABY FOX, PET FOX and HORSE FOX for babies small and big pets. So: Just create your personal island of well-being and don't worry - with the fireproof cuddly blankets from ASK THE FOX!

Your trusted partner for fire protection

Did you know that there is a fire in a German home every 2-3 minutes? We at ASK THE FOX developed the fireproof cuddly blanket as a preventative measure. Used correctly in an emergency, it can extinguish smaller fires faster than the fire department and prevent them from becoming a major catastrophe. At the same time, it is nothing like the commercially available fire blanket. ASK THE FOX convinces with its classic look and wonderful cuddly feel. In a nutshell: We have reinvented a product that was definitely considered "unsexy". With a new look & feel and new desirability. And while we are at it, we created a complete assortment that protects you from fire: from fireproof living or bed blankets to fireproof outdoor blankets. From fireproof animal blankets to fireproof potholders. Products in many beautiful colors that you like to have around you and are therefore immediately at hand when it comes down to it!

A lifestyle blanket is far from a status symbol

Show what you've got: Unfortunately, this saying often rules our private living landscapes. Precious and expensive pieces are placed conspicuously to celebrate one's own success. The impression of costliness dominates the special design. And speaking of design: This was an essential aspect for us at ASK THE FOX when we developed our cozy fireproof blanket. But not at any cost! It requires a fair price! After all, we set out to do nothing less than reinvent the commercial fireproof blanket – which is bulky, impersonal, unsexy - and turn it into a beautiful, cuddly and affordable lover's piece. A piece you'll always want to have around and won't have to dig out of the back corner when it counts! A fire blanket with lifestyle factor - as a living, outdoor or pet blanket - but far from being a status symbol, always at a fair price! After all, we don't want your safety to fail because of money.

What safety has to do with visibility

The classic fire protection blanket, which is preferably bought in DIY stores, can smother a fire in an emergency, but it is so unattractive both haptically and visually that it is usually hidden in the farthest corner of the utility room. The classic fire protection blanket therefore has a second property in addition to its protective function: it is practically invisible. So invisible, in fact, that in the worst-case scenario, when every second counts, you have to go searching for it. We at ASK THE FOX found this simply illogical. We didn't want an invisible blanket, we wanted an eye-catcher, a shining hero for the living room, bedroom or outdoor area, a collector's item that looks beautiful and feels just as nice. So, we turned the classic fire blanket into a fireproof cuddly blanket, which has since grown into a wide range of designs and color variations. We also want to be visible to you, just like our blanket - as a competent partner who, in addition to the best fireproof products, also provides you with regular news and a blog on the subject of fire protection.