We are a young Hamburg startup with a sense for beautiful, sustainable things and a deep aversion to fire accidents, fire disasters and environmental destruction. Based on these interests, we launched ASK THE FOX® - a brand for innovative and sustainable fire protection and fire blankets with cuddle factor. At the same time, we are currently in the very early stages of our development and are still planning a whole range of new product variants for the future.

The idea for ASK THE FOX® fire protection and fire blankets with cuddle factor was born at the end of 2018, just as the severe fires were raging in California and the phones of our fiber manufacturer PyroTex® were running hot. But wait a minute, what exactly is PyroTex now?

For that we have to go back a little further, to 2010, when a new textile fiber was invented that neither burns, melts or drips. Just PyroTex®. Other advantages: PyroTex® does not produce toxic gases, is antibacterial and can even extinguish fires in an emergency. All this with optimal skin compatibility: textiles made of PyroTex meet the Standard 100 by Oekotex and are, for example, perfectly compatible with delicate baby skin.

Eight years later: in night-long brainstorming sessions, we thought about how we could best combine the great properties of the fiber with our passion for beautiful things. The result: the first fireproof cuddly blanket for the lifestyle sector had to be made! Our model were already existing fire blankets of the Australian fire department made of 100% PyroTex®. The main task was to transfer the know-how from the professional sector to the lifestyle sector. This was accompanied by our desire to manufacture products that are not only fairly traded and sustainable, but also make a small contribution to global climate protection and the fight against global warming.

The idea was already in the world to make nature conservation our theme in addition to safety. In the meantime, we are therefore not only concerned with all aspects of fire, but also with environmental protection issues such as the reforestation of forests after fires. Why forests, why trees? Because they are the most important resource for plants, animals and people and provide the air for all of us to breathe. Without trees, there is no life! On our Facebook page: @askthefox and on our Instagram page: ASK THE FOX we report on current fires and fires, but only to raise awareness of how common this danger is. At the same time, we provide behavioral tips in case of fire and think about a sustainable approach to nature, the protection of forest resources and many similar topics.

With all these considerations and ecological bridge-building, the focus is of course on our product: the fire protection and fire blankets with cuddle factor from ASK THE FOX. After we produced the first blanket in a trial run in January 2019, the feedback was so incredibly positive that we absolutely had to send more products like the Hoodie Fox or the different sized Active Fox blankets behind.

A lot has happened since then. Our range of fireproof products has grown steadily, and in the meantime we can even claim with a bit of pride to be the market leader for sustainable fireproof cuddly blankets made of 100% PyroTex. We ourselves are excited about what else is to come from us, and are very much looking forward to making the world a bit more beautiful, safer and greener together with our customers.