KITCHEN FOX – Fireproof Potholders
KITCHEN FOX – Fireproof Potholders
KITCHEN FOX – Fireproof Potholders


KITCHEN FOX – Fireproof Potholders

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For you – so you will never burn anything in the kitchen again!
Agreed, our oven mitts can only contribute to the success of your most beautiful cooking to a limited extent. But they will, no doubt, protect you from heat and fire.

Just like our fireproof ASK THE FOX blankets, our new potholders are made of 100% PyroTex® - the innovative high-tech fiber that neither burns, melts, drips nor emits toxic gases when in contact with fire. This also rules out, the possibility of them becoming additional fire accelerants in the not-so-unlikely event of a grease fire developing!

Our fireproof kitchen aids will be all the more useful when dealing with hot pots, bowls, pans and baking trays. Once you're done cooking, simply hang them near the stove using their handy loop.

Our oven mitts offer you the ultimate protection from heat, are extremely durable and can be used in a variety of ways.

All that remains is to wish you: bon appétit!

Technical data:
Material: 100% PyroTex®

Size: 25 x 20 cm (fits most hand sizes)
Weight: 28g (set of 2)
Care instructions: suitable for hand washing
Made in Germany