Cuddly soft and fireproof

Everyday blankets that can do more

No fear of the high seas

The practical accessory for sailors and boat owners

On the road but feeling at home

Lightweight, robust, heat-resistant: Your new outdoor companion

Mehr Wärme und Sicherheit

Feuerfeste Segler- und Outdoordecken

Ein Must-have für Camper

Warm, leicht und feuerfest: dein neuer Outdoorbegleiter

Brand new

ASK THE FOX cuddly blankets, the ideal everyday companion for indoor and outdoor.

Store cuddly blankets

Keeps you safe from fire,
embers and flying sparks!

Cuddle blanket from Ask the Fox!

Why Choose Us?

Choosing ASK THE FOX Lifestyle-Fireblankets can provide several benefits and advantages. Here are a few arguments as to why choosing a Lifestyle-Fireblanket from ASK THE FOX is a good idea:


Expertise and Knowledge

ASK THE FOX is known for its expertise and knowledge in the field of fire safety. 

Quality and Reliability

ASK THE FOX is committed to deliver state of the art products.



Lifestyle-Fireblankets from ASK THE FOX are versatile and can be used in various settings.

Ease of use

Ease of Use

ASK THE FOX Lifestyle-Fireblankets are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate

Compact and Space Saving

Compact and Space-Saving

Lifestyle-Fireblankets from ASK THE FOX do not require much storage space

Cost Effective

Cost-Effective Solution

Investing in Lifestyle Fireblankets can be a cost-effective measure for fire safety



The blanket is already in our the Tesla and I hope never to have to use it against a fire.
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All those I tell about it the blanket are thrilled. The article I can unfortunately not ...
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My mother also wants to have such a blanket, just ordered it! Her life was ...
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Dear Mrs. Bante,
The banket is really fantastic ...
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Karl-Heinz & Bärbel Suhr



We actually bought our first Ask the Fox blanket in black for our camper ...
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Oliver Wünsche



I have always loved to make practical or meaningful gifts, my favorite is ...
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Jörg Borgstedt


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