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Please send us an email or call us at +49 (0)40 25480-444



The base material of the blanket is 100% PyroTex, the permanent high-tech and fireproof fiber. The following dimensions are manufactured: 100 x 100 cm, 160 x160 cm, 100 x 200 cm and 160 x 200 cm.

Our fire blankets are made in Germany and have to pass a series of quality controls before they can be shipped.


Raw material purchasing
The raw material purchasing is done by the company owner himself.

Needling of the fiber
The needling of our fiber is done in Germany in one of the most modern non-woven production facilities in Europe. The process is specially adapted to our raw material. The fiber is fed into a mixing chamber and presented to a carding machine, where it is opened between the rollers of the carding machine and processed into an airy fleece.

This fleece is passed on to the needling boards, where several layers of fleece are brought together to achieve the desired quality. With the kind support of the Groz-Beckert company. To the production process video "From fiber to nonwoven": Infovideo


Every blanket is suitable for both summer and winter use. Ideally, it is always lying on the sofa, on the bed, in the car or on the sailing yacht and can be used like a normal blanket. Only in an emergency it can become a fire protection or fire extinguishing blanket. It warms wonderfully and is antibacterial and skin-friendly at the same time. You can find all emergency applications here.

How warm a blanket keeps depends largely on its material and thickness / weight. Each material has its own insulation factor, which determines the so-called heat retention capacity. In technical jargon, this is also referred to as the k-value. In the case of PyroTex, this value is 0.03 W/mK. The smaller the value, the better the insulation. Even wool cannot keep up here. That is why our ASK THE FOX blankets are particularly warm, although they are comparatively light. We recommend our normal COSY FOX blanket for the sofa or for outdoor use. You can also put the blanket well as an additional warmer on the quilt of the bed, for example, when you sleep with the window open in winter. This will provide additional heat insulation. The same applies if you use the blanket as an overlay on your mattress.


Standard blankets in Germany are 150/200 cm. For our fire blankets and fire blankets with cuddle factor, the standard size is 160/200 cm.

As merchants, we would have to answer: too long! The life span corresponds approximately to that of a car. So about 7 to 30 years and longer. The prerequisite is proper use. ASK THE FOX blankets should be used primarily as a blanket and only in an emergency to be used as a protective or fire blanket.


Each person has its own sensibility for this. We use in our blankets only fibers with a fineness of 16 microns. For comparison, in a fine merino wool sweater fibers with about 18 microns are used, so much coarser and felt "scratchier" material. The vast majority of our customers therefore say ASK THE FOX blankets do not scratch. Mind you, we use no softeners. Our blankets are insofar natural and not artificially trimmed for softness. This also avoids possible allergic reactions.

Yes, but does not have to be. Our blankets are antiseptic and conveniently only need to be aired out. (See infographic and test) Tip: Trust the self-cleaning power of ASK THE FOX blankets and just hang them out overnight in a protected area from time to time. Body perspiration is neutralized by the fiber, and bacteria are killed. The properties of the special PyroTex fiber reduce soiling. Do you wash your cashmere coat or leather shoes? If you want to clean the blanket partout, we recommend chemical cleaning.

If you still want to wash:
--- You can wash ASK THE FOX cuddly blankets by hand. The fiber itself does not mind water, it dries again in fresh air.

--- You can also wash ASK THE FOX cozy blankets in the wool wash program at reduced spin speed. Please take only a suitable mild detergent. Wash the blanket individually without further loading to avoid unnecessary friction. The maximum spin speed should be 600 rpm. Stop the spin cycle after 3 minutes at the latest. Do not wring. Please do not put the blanket in the dryer.

You can also find a detailed description on this website under the category Care Instructions.

--- If you wash an ASK THE FOX blanket, please do not expect the blanket to come out looking exactly like a new blanket. After all, you wouldn't think you wouldn't change if you went for a walk in the rain after a haircut and then drove a convertible down a country road. A glance in the mirror should be enough ... A small degree of matting is unlikely to be avoided during washing, which in turn will affect the length and width of the blanket. With gentle washing, expect to save about 2 to 4 cm in width and length.

My personal tip for dealing with stains on your ASK THE FOX cuddly blanket: red wine, coffee, currant juice or orange juice can be easily rinsed off with water. As soon as possible, aim a light stream of water at the stain over the sink or bathtub, holding the soiled surface down at an angle to allow the water to drip off with the soiling. There is no need to soak the stain because it is on the surface. Let it air dry, done.

Warmth, comfort, elegance, exclusivity, high sleeping comfort without sweating, low soiling, as well as the good regeneration properties thanks to the antibacterial properties are unique in the sum.

The fact is that to date it has not been possible to copy the specific physiological and chemical properties of our fiber even close. It is also a fact that ASK THE FOX blankets are not washable to the same extent as blankets made of synthetics, synthetic fibers, cotton and their mixed forms.

In a way, the blanket is comparable to leather clothing, which you would also not simply put in the washing machine.

Blankets made of polyester or polyacrylic are cheaper, but cannot offer the same warmth and sleeping comfort as ASK THE FOX blankets. And of course, these materials can catch fire, melt, drip, and even burn into your skin (movie: blanket comparison).

The ASK THE FOX blanket is absolutely new in its kind. Until now, you had to choose between a fire blanket, mostly for industrial plants or for the kitchen (oil fire), or a cuddly blanket for the sofa. With one you didn't like to cuddle, with the other you couldn't extinguish. Now you no longer have to choose.

Conventional fire blankets are typically smaller and made of industrial fiberglass, used exclusively to cover small fires.

You can use an ASK THE FOX blanket for a lifetime. If you do experience the unlikely event of a fire and have to extinguish with the blanket, it is to be disposed of afterwards.



Our ASK THE FOX cozy blankets have been designed primarily as a lifestyle product. The basic idea was to transfer the fireproof blankets from the professional sector (fire departments in Australia) to the private sector and thus give the end user the opportunity to use the blankets in the private sector and to arm themselves for the case of fire. Blankets are especially useful in densely populated cities, under thatched roofs, or even in a car or on a sailing yacht. They protect and extinguish at the same time. In our examples you will find all areas of application.

Home & Outdoor (private)
Thatched roof- and half-timbered houses
garden cottage or dacha
stables for animals
grease fire in the kitchen
fire in an apartment building
children's room

- Cinemas, discotheques
- Waste collection rooms
- Kitchens
- Youth hostels
- Theater stages
- Technical and scientific areas in educational and research institutions
- Tank and tanker cleaning
- Dry cleaning, Laundries
- Old people's and nursing homes
- Prisons Workshops for people with disabilities
- Hospitals
- Schools and kindergartens
- Doctors' surgeries
- Fire brigades
- Police vehicles
- Helicopters
- Hotels, vacation homes and guesthouses

- Furniture manufacturing
- Weaving mills, spinning mills
- Dry paper manufacturing
- Paper processing
- Grain mills and feed production
- Foam, Roofing felt manufacturing
- Processing of flammable paints and adhesives
- Painting and powder coating plants and equipment
- Oil curing plants
- Printing plants
- Petrochemical plants
- Processing of flammable chemicals
- Leather and plastics processing
- Plastic injection molding
- Cardboard box manufacturing
- Baking factory
- Manufacturing of machinery and equipment

- Automotive and motorcycle workshops
- Carpentry/joinery
- Upholstery
- Metalworking
- Electroplating
- Vulcanization
- Leather, imitation leather and textile processing
- Baking
- Electrical workshop

sales, trade, storage
- storage of extremely or highly flammable or highly flammable substances or mixtures
- Warehouses for recycled materials and secondary fuels
- Shipping warehouses
- Warehouses with paints and solvents
- Waste paper warehouses
- Cotton warehouses, wood warehouses, Foam storage
- Storage areas for packaging materials
- Warehouses with other combustible material
- Exhibitions for furniture
- Sales areas with increased fire hazards such as DIY and home improvement stores

Where do you use our ceiling? Or where would you like to use it? Send us an email.

It would be presumptuous to claim that you can extinguish any fire with our blanket. The blanket is designed to immediately extinguish small fires and prevent the fire from spreading. For this purpose, the blanket should always be at hand in the house, apartment, car or boat. For even better personal protection, we have the HODDIE FOX blanket in our program. It makes it even easier and more effective to protect yourself from fire in an emergency and, for example, to escape through the flames.

In many different trendy colors.

Standard size for adults: 160 x 200 cm.
Children's sizes are being planned for the online store.

If you need a small size right away, contact us: email

Our COSY FOX blankets have a coloured edge stitching.
Our ACTIVE FOX and HODDIE FOX blankets are not stitched.

Tip: The highlight of the HODDIE FOX blanket is that the head part can also be used as a foot pocket in everyday life. Recommended for people with chronically cold feet.

No, it rather complements conventional fire protection measures. The novelty of the ceiling is its lifestyle character. It was developed in collaboration with firefighters in Australia. After the fires in California in 2018, demand increased at the fiber manufacturer. From this, the idea of a lifestyle blanket was born. With its premium features, the blanket surpassed all product development expectations. (See benefits)


In our test series, we were able to extinguish a standard fir tree of up to 1.5 m in size well with our standard blanket in the 160 x 200 cm format. (See film)
Special sizes can be requested at any time under +49 (0)40 25480-444.

Tip: For the Christmas season you will find different sized floor blankets under ACTIVE FOX.

Currently, there is no evidence that electric cars are more likely to burn than cars with internal combustion engines, with or without being involved in an accident - according to the experts consulted, it could even be that e-cars are less prone to fires.
Petrol and diesel vehicles only burn extremely rarely after accidents, with diesel fuel being much more difficult to ignite than petrol. A much more common cause of fires is technical defects. There are two reasons why fires in electric cars seem so threatening: Extinguishing individual battery cells is nearly impossible. A burning cell heats up its neighboring cells until they also start to burn. This "thermal runaway" is why extinguishing electric cars takes longer than extinguishing internal combustion engine vehicles. In addition, electric cars can catch fire in an accident when the battery is punctured. That is why Tesla protected the battery of the Model S from below with a titanium plate after a corresponding accident in the USA.
According to previous experience, the occupants of electric cars and combustion engine vehicles have the same amount of time to leave the burning vehicle - the fires spread relatively slowly. In the case of electric cars, it should be noted that the battery can ignite up to 72 hours (or even later) after an accident due to internal damage - therefore, it is imperative that an electric car involved in an accident always be stored outdoors.

Tip: Put a COSY FOX blanket in your car. This will protect you from indoor and outdoor fires.

Customer testimonial: "The blanket is already in the Tesla and I hope to never have to use it, I mean fire-technically. Warmth-wise, it has already served me well. When I drove to Kiel in celebration clothes, I could snuggle comfortably in them." S.K.

The question is justified, especially since all ASK THE FOX blankets are made of the same basic material and have been assigned to certain topics, how and when it can come to fire or fires.
In any case, with our blanket you have already arrived at the special and enjoy protection "first class". Because PyroTex is the world market leader and unsurpassed in its fire-resistant properties.

In principle, it is like choosing a car: Depending on what you value, your choices will narrow, and in the end, your favorite will remain.

1. Be practical
2. Be valuable
3. Be comfortable
5. Be luxurious
6. Be durable
7. Be safe
8. Be fast
9. Be well-made
10. Be robust
11. Be safe (health)
12. Reflect lifestyle and design
13. Be for the family
14. Be sporty
15. Design
16. Image
17. I like the product
18. Color
19. Equipment, features
20. Maintenance
21. Service
22. Test
23. Environmental factors


ASK THE FOX blankets offer the best for your health, well-being and safety. For processing comes the high-quality raw material PyroTex, which is pleasantly soft and fine to the touch. Our special manufacturing and gentle production of our blankets in Germany creates a uniquely fluffy and solid pile, which can also protect even your life. ASK THE FOX blankets are tested for harmful substances and do not require any additional chemical additives. The high moisture absorption of the fiber provides an incomparably comfortable sleeping climate and a soothing warmth that does not make anyone sweat.
The fiber has a very good regenerative capacity. Even body perspiration odors are neutralized by the their special properties.
To care for your ASK THE FOX blanket is enough to hang it outdoors overnight protected.

Features of the fiber PyroTex:
- Antistatic
- Antibacterial
- Non-toxic
- Does not produce toxic fumes
- Durable
- Water repellent
- Stain resistant
- Controlled pile
- Exceptional handling and suppleness
-. Elastic
- Water absorbent
- Fire resistant
- Color fast
- Light fast
- Breathable
- Insulating
- Sweat resistant
- Exceptional softness and comfort

High moisture absorption
ASK THE FOX- Blankets have the ability to, Store up to 20% moisture from your own weight without feeling damp.
Example: a glass is 1/4 filled with water. This percentage is approximately equal to the amount of water that the blanket can absorb in relation to your own weight, without feeling damp!

ASK THE FOX blankets are therefore particularly suitable for a comfortable sleep, because due to the breathability of the fiber does not cause excessive sweating. Compared to other materials (synthetic 4%, cotton 8%, bed feathers 10%), PyroTex is the front runner in terms of possible moisture absorption!

PyroTex fibers neutralize body perspiration
PyroTex undoes body perspiration. Even with prolonged direct contact with the skin, the blankets do not take on the smell of sweat.

ASK THE FOX blankets conserve resources (recycling cycle)

ASK THE FOX blankets as a design object
All our shades can be inconspicuously blended into your living environment. Natural colors offer their own aesthetics.
Every year we are inspired by the current living trend colors (color chart).

This year it is the color: Blue

Which color would you like? Write to us: email


Thanks to a unique technology used in the fiber PyroTex.

Consumers ask:

1. blankets should not fluff. ✓given

2. Resistance in use. ✓given

3. Do you reach into the blanket with your hands, is it soft and does it not scratch? ✓given

4. Trust your nose. Does the blanket not smell even if you hold it directly to your nose? ✓given

5. If you are comparing fire blankets from different (traditional) suppliers, don't just do it on paper. Put both blankets side by side and compare both qualities.
Compare both blanket qualities in terms of: weight, softness, smoothness, surface texture, volume, price and statement.
You will come to amazing conclusions.

No, not yet. Quilts consist of a cover and a filling. The quilt can be filled with a single layer or multilayer. A multi-ply filling is a duo quilt, where two layers of fleece are separated by a thin layer of fleece. The cover is usually formed by a fiber-tight cotton fabric in fine percale or batiste.
To avoid unwanted shifting of the fleece within the cover, the quilt is sewn through with a desired pattern and stitched. The usual sizes in Germany are 135 x 200 cm and 155 x 220 cm.
We are working at full speed on an ASK THE FOX cuddly quilt.

First: We completely dispense with plastic in our packaging material. The blankets rolled and held by a paper banderole.

Second: We help to avoid fires of any kind and thus work against further climate change.

Third: We donate annually. Worldwide, the area of ​​forested area is decreasing, which intensifies climate change. In order to counteract the devastating effects of deforestation and forest fires, once a year we donate money from the revenue from the blankets to reforest forests and steppes. The forests and steppes serve as an important habitat for animals and people. The preservation of this ecosystem also leads to the protection of regional water resources. The project activity also provides jobs and improves the local infrastructure. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time.

Fourth: There is a small present for you in every blanket. We would like to give you a seed that you can plant in your garden. You can then follow the progress of our own forest project on our interactive map. Let's start.

Fifth: Due to its antibacterial properties, the blanket only needs to be washed very rarely - that saves water.