Care instructions

Please read these care instructions to contribute to a long life of your fireproof ASK THE FOX cozy blanket!

We recommend that you do not wash your blanket before use, because they are already extensively washed during manufacture and are very hygienic in use. Additional avivages (softeners or other chemical additives) are not used in ASK THE FOX.

Body perspiration is neutralized The structure of the fiber ensures that body perspiration is neutralized. Even after several years of use, an ASK THE FOX blanket will not smell unpleasant. The fiber has a built-in regenerative capacity and is antibacterial. To air out the blanket, simply hang it up like a wool product.

Storage If you do not use the blanket for a long time and put it in a closet in the winter, we recommend storing it in an air-impermeable pillowcase. But actually, the blanket belongs within reach on your sofa or bed.

Washing Generally, these high-quality blankets do not require washing. We recommend dry cleaning. However, should you want to wash the blanket at some point, please note the following:

Wash blanket individually!

Additional loading of the washing machine causes higher friction and the fibers to entangle, which should be avoided if possible.

Choose a gentle wool washing program or a hand wash program (if available), cold or max. 30° Celsius.

Use a gentle wool detergent or simply a commercial conditioner (hair conditioner) to add to the main wash cycle.

Reduce the spin speed (max. 600 rpm) and stop the spin cycle after 2 to 3 minutes.

Please never put the blanket in the dryer! This would cause unnecessary felting!

After the spin cycle, place the blanket on a large cotton towel and roll both together (do not wring!). This will remove additional moisture from the blanket and speed up the drying process.

Unroll the blanket and lay it over several clotheslines to dry, if possible (for example, on a clothes rack).

You can fluff the blanket after it dries by grabbing it by the corners with a second person and fluffing it.

We advise dry cleaning. The dry cleaning process preserves the fiber best.

After dry cleaning the blankets do not feel straw-like.



The surface

In the production process we use a lot of effort and numerous steps to create a beautiful, uniform pile.

After a wash, the blanket will not be quite as even and fluffy in the pile compared to a new, unwashed blanket.

Nevertheless, the natural properties of the fiber will remain intact in use. Important: In case of fire and after the first extinguishing, please do not use the blanket!!!!

If you have any further questions about your fire blanket from ASK THE FOX, please feel free to contact us.

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