Silberstreifen Award

Silberstreifen award

The Silberstreifen Award, presented by Designxport and Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, recognizes forward-thinking design projects in Hamburg that offer solutions to social, economic, and ecological challenges. These projects cover a wide range of design disciplines including architecture, communication, fashion, product, space, social, strategy, and urban design. The award aims to highlight paths toward a more inclusive and safer society, optimal climate policy, and a more sustainable economy.

Selected designers or teams develop their submitted projects within four weeks leading up to the award exhibition opening. They receive financial support and content support through workshops and events that promote networking with other awarded designers and teams. The selection of projects to be funded is made by an expert jury, which selects up to ten teams or individuals whose ideas, concepts, and products are developed into presentable exhibits for the exhibition at the Design Center Hamburg.

In 2020, ten projects were awarded that presented sustainable design solutions in areas such as urban space, fashion, communication, and innovative materials. These projects were showcased in an interactive exhibition with an accompanying program of events. They ranged from live podcasts about algae leather to AI-driven ferry models, aiming to promote sustainable living both privately and in the community, defined not by deficits and renunciation but by sustainable practices.

This initiative showcases the diversity and innovation of the Hamburg design scene and its contribution to societal and ecological improvements.

ASK THE FOX hat den Preis 2020 für die Materialentwicklung erhalten.