A key claim of our ASK THE FOX brand of fire blankets with the cuddle factor is to help prevent forest fires and fight the consequences of fires.

A glance at our globe suggests that trees are an infinite resource. Unfortunately, however, the reality is different:

According to the FAO, a continuing annual global forest destruction of around 15 million hectares can be assumed, which is particularly rampant in the tropics (source:www.sdw.de). It is important to know that about 31% of the global land area is forested, corresponding to about 4 billion hectares. The annual global loss of land area is therefore about 0.4 percent, which may not sound so dramatic at first. But if you consider that about 35 soccer fields of forest are destroyed every minute, it becomes clear how alarming the situation is (source: WWF).

 Climate and environment suffer not only from too much CO2 and plastic waste. Forest fires and their consequences also represent a huge burden. The worst thing about it: 84% of fires are caused by human hand - so they are actually preventable. We are drawing our conclusions from this: quite practically with a fireproof cuddly blanket that can quickly smother a fire in the making, be it at home, in the car, in the forest or wherever. And even further, with a project like "Fight the Fire", which aims to at least partially reverse the effects of forest fires.In this global project, we collaborate with various organizations. At the end of the year, a part of the proceeds from each of our fire blankets is donated.

So ASK THE FOX is more than just another product offering in the plethora of options available. The brand stands for rethought and sustainable security blankets for all walks of life - lifestyle, home & outdoor, automotive, sailboats and the like. However, we do not only aim to enrich our world with beautiful, useful and safe products, but at the same time we want to open and broaden the general view on topics such as safety, fair treatment of each other, sustainability and scarcity of resources.

In plain language, this means that in order for us to have a positive influence on the development of our living environment, our products do not contain animal products, nor are they tested on animals. We also take the view that good work deserves fair pay. We personally keep an eye on our value chain down to the smallest detail and ensure that our products are manufactured under fair, humane conditions. And we attach particular importance to making a contribution to the protection and preservation of our environment with every product we sell.

Our big goal: We want to make the world a little more beautiful, safer and greener - together with you, our followers, friends, suppliers, partners and customers!