Attention: Grass and Forest Fire Danger in Spring and Summer

Achtung: Gras- und Waldbrandgefahr im Frühling und im Sommer

Due to consistently high temperatures and lack of rainfall, meadows, forests, slopes, and even deep soil can become very dry in spring and summer. There is a high risk of vegetation fires!

Temperatures and forest fire risk will continue to rise due to climate change. Help prevent fires with your behavior.

Here are our tips:

  • Do not discard cigarette butts carelessly from vehicles or trains.
  • Do not drive on grassy areas and field paths or park on them with vehicles. The catalytic converter or hot exhaust can ignite the dry grass.
  • Do not barbecue or have open fires in or near the forest! In park areas, use designated barbecue areas.
  • Thoroughly extinguish barbecue charcoal after use. Never leave it unattended.
  • Keep access roads to forests, moors, and field paths clear so that large fire trucks can quickly reach the scene of the fire.

If you notice a forest or grassland fire, immediately dial the emergency number 112 for the fire department! Describe what is burning and where the smoke or fire is visible.

If you are unsure of your exact location, use georeferenced emergency meeting point signs to transmit your location. The free "Hilfe im Wald" (Help in the Forest) app for mobile phones can be a useful tool.

To be able to quickly extinguish small fires, it is also a good idea to have our ASK THE FOX multifunctional blankets in your car, motorhome, or camper. With our "Active Fox“" or "Cosy Fox" models, you can intervene quickly on your own because every second counts in an emergency.

 For any inquiries, we are at your service: ASK THE FOX