Stove Guard - Detecting and Eliminating Fire Hazards

Herdwächter - Brandgefahr erkennen und bannen

Playing children, a phone call with a friend, or your favorite TV show – we are often easily distracted by our surroundings. Leaving the stove on after cooking or absentmindedly placing a potholder on the stove burners can quickly lead to danger.

This dangerous scenario can be prevented from the start with a stove guard. It watches over when we can't. A stove guard can also be of great assistance to individuals with limited physical or cognitive abilities. It is suitable for all electric stoves and cooktops in residential areas.

How does a stove guard work? A stove guard consists of a sensor positioned above the stove and a control unit. The sensor monitors time, movement, power consumption, and temperature at the stove. By intelligently combining these factors, dangerous situations can be identified. An alarm sounds, and the control unit receives the signal to shut off. Stove guards are available at electrical retailers or through your electrical installer. Please note that a stove guard should only be installed by a certified electrician.